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this week we focused on as many uses as could be conveniently conceived.
Last week we got up to 7 uses.
10.Wig w/ Goatee
13.Crane Scale Thing
14.Safety device when Falling Off Cliff
15.Tool Belt
16.looped tool holder for tool belt
17.Drinking Problem Aid ( to help raise the glass)
18.Drinking problem aid ( gag to keep drink out )
19.fake vomit
20.Bundler for stick carrying
21.joiner for cruciform
22.strings for Imaginarionette
24.Plumb Bob
25.Book Carrying
28.Hair Tie
29.Guitar Strap
30.Paper Towel Holder
31.Cup Cleaner

Next week will be an attempt to act out a short skit that includes a number of medically related issues.
At least 2 other people will be needed to act out the skit.
Please indicate your interest at

Click here to watch the first week of 101 uses for a necktie

On Sojourner Truth of the Bad Folk Orchestra using Neckties to make
  1. Balls (for a juggling lesson)
  2. Letters and Numbers (for the title)
  3. Bracelet Streamers
  4. Hair Restraint
  5. Blindfold
  6. Confetti Streamers
  7. Dry Erase Board Wiper
In coming weeks a tally will be kept of other uses found, until we reach 101.
All of this is being done to benefit The Bad Folk Orchestra's relationship with the Jigsaw Renaissance.
Thanks for watching
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